People Who I Follow And Inspire Me

I follow all these people on as much social media as possible!

My dear friend Nora has a page where she talks about healing emotionally and physiologically which in turn has helped her become a healthier person.

Katie Riddle has an amazing site. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the most amazing organic garden and they eat seasonally. They are true homesteaders.

The Whole Food Diary is run by Kezia Neusch and husband Jared. So inspiring to see real food done easily.

Alyssa Quilala has a husband that travels the world leading worship for Jesus Culture. She is a great example to me of balancing life and family while also being healthy.

Danielle Walker is the author of New York Times best selling debut cook book Against All Grain and her blog has a lot of great resources as well.

Beni Johnson is Bill Johnson’s wife here in Redding and she is making huge strides of combining the kingdom of God with the health world for God’s glory. Follow her on Instagram and she will have a book coming out in Fall 2015! GrandmasWithMuscles is her health account but her personal one is great too, PrayFor5


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