Essential Oil Party Prep // Vlog

I love hospitality, I love hosting little get togethers. Little ones because A. I’m and introvert and I prefer more one on one time than a mass crowd of people. and B. because we have a small town house for the time being. (Which I love and am so thankful for!) So once I started having people be interested in Young Living it was just … Continue reading Essential Oil Party Prep // Vlog

Essential Oil Infused Chocolates

Essential Oil Infused Chocolates// Ganach 1 Package of good quality chocolate chips 1/2 Cup heavy whipping cream 1 stick of butter Cocoa Powder for dusting 10 Drops Young Living Essential Oils (Read the label to make sure they are safe for ingestion) I did half the batch with 5 drops Orange and the rest with 5 drops peppermint Make a double boiler by adding some … Continue reading Essential Oil Infused Chocolates