A Few Things About Me


I am Joanna; a wife, mother to two daughters and in general I tend to have a lot going on in all aspects of my life. I constantly am trying to find balance with everything. In general I am a creative, and that comes out in all different expressions depending on the season I am in.  I was born and raised in Minnesota and have now transplanted to Northern California for a time.

I wanted to do a lifestyle blog because our life style is changing a lot. I wanted a place where I could put down what we are learning from almost the very beginning to show our journey mostly to myself but also to others. It is such a help to find blogs and recipes from seasoned veterans when trying something new, but sometimes it is nice to see how this looks in real life as you are going through it. So this is the place for me to share all things Joanna. It may not come out all pretty and polished since I’m new to the blogging world but I’m OK with that.



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