Pinterst Inspired Hanging Herb Garden

HIGH RES 0054657.jpg Hanging basket - Suspended salad bar with sweet basil, golden thyme, parsley, yellow veined chard and Lettuce including 'Freckles' GAP Photos/Graham Strong

If you are on Pinterst you probably have the same issue as me, Pin Hoarding. Pretty sure this is a real thing. I’m not entirely sure how I ended up getting 78 boards and over 4.5k pins. I’m even more shocked because I just went to verify those numbers and it was more then I remembered. (If you want to check out my boards just click the Pinterest button at the top of my page.)

People sometimes say things to me like, “so talented” and “so creative” and I’m thinking, OK so you haven’t seen this on Pinterest before. Sure a lot of things I do dream up myself but I think it’s about 50/ 50. I find a lot of inspiration, Pinspiration on Pinterest. I am a creative person and there is usually some amount of skill or imagination that needs to be used, especially when all there is linked back to a pin is just a photo. That’s why I wanted to share this DIY, because I think some people need more details than just a picture.

I pinned the above photo from a long time ago. I finally came across an old hanging fruit basket at Goodwill a few weeks back. I couldn’t see what shape it was in too much as far as how it would extend because it was taped up, but I took a chance for $3.99. It did need a bit of work to balance the baskets at the right heights and the top ring was missing. I just used a key chain piece to replace that.

First off gather materials

  • Hanging fruit basket (I love that mine is older and a bit more brass than sparkling new but that’s your choice.)
  • 3 basket liners, 2 the same size and one smaller than those. I found mine at Joann Fabrics on clearance for $1.07 each (and then use your coupons as well!)
  • Potting soil
  • 5-6 herb plants of your choice. I got organic ones from Trader Joes for $1.99 each.

Find a place to hang the entire basket off of while putting it together. Believe me, makes life easier!

Size up each liner to each basket. Mine weren’t perfect so I just made a cut in to each on two sides and folded it tightly together.

Put potting soil in to the bottom of each basket.

Decide your spacing and arrangement. I’m a visual person so I took each plant out of the plastic container and decided the best placement. I get cilantro and parsley confused sometimes if I don’t smell it so I made sure to not have them on the same level.

I angled mine so the herbs would go over the edge to grow, rather than straight up and run in to the next basket.

Then top off the baskets with more potting soil.

Hang on an anchored hook in front of a window that gets good sunlight but not too hot. Cilantro is kind of weak and seems to be a little hot as it is in the second basket of my kitchen. I may have to switch some around.

Give them a good drink of water and continue watering once a week or when your soil feels dry to the touch.

Then enjoy having your fresh herbs at your finger tips! Ok, the top one you probably will need a chair to grab some but still better than a trip to the market.

hanging basket herb garden

Some other tips:

3 herb plants on the bottom, 2 in the middle and 1 on top. My mint needs the most space to grow so I am hoping he is happy at the top with all the room to himself. If you wanted basil that would need it’s own container because it gets very large.

Rotate it every once in a while so that each plant gets plenty of sunshine. My top plant isn’t in the windows opening but I just tilt my shutters up from the blinds to bounce light up there in the morning time.

So what do you think? It’s easy enough to give it a shot, right? Would be fun to do with hanging flowers as well some time!


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