Mini Vaca// Eureka


Last Thursday Ben and I had a date night but all we really had planned ahead was getting a babysitter. We decided to visit MOD Pizza again because it is tasty and has gluten free crust which I need otherwise my brain can’t think straight for the following 3 days. And Ben is currently cutting it out as well. And Ruby… But that’s a different subject for a different day.

So we were standing in line at MOD and then some of our friends ended up right behind us. They were planning on going to see Cinderella at the dollar theater, which I have been wanting to see again because it is done so beautifully so we decided to do that as well. You could say we were feeling spontaneous. đŸ˜‰

While we were waiting for our pizza Ben and I started talking about how we’d like to get to the coast for a little bit since it has been 2 years of living here and never having seen it and it is only 3 1/2 hours away. We looked at hotels and were put off by the price point for just that part of the stay and then putting food and gas in on top of it all was a bit much. But we knew we needed to do it soon because once I get back in to a salon, weekends are hard to get off. So there were all these things culminating that made us say we need to do this soon!

At the movie theater our group of friends sat behind us and Brenda mentioned that they usually go camping up there and that if we wanted we could borrow stuff for it. At the moment I was still thinking we would find something cheap on airbnb or a hotel, maybe just later in the season. Well, once we got home and checked prices we realized that that very weekend was probably the best option for us but with the lingering thought of camping being an option we checked out KOA sites. They had an availability for one of their cabins which my parents and Ben’s parents are fond of using lately. All in all it worked out really well for us to go with the cabin since we don’t have any gear and it was our families first time camping out. Good thing we did go with a cabin because if we had needed any more gear we would have had to also find one of those car toppers! We were packed to the brim!



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