Essential Oil Party Prep // Vlog

Essential Oil Party Prep Vlog

I love hospitality, I love hosting little get togethers. Little ones because A. I’m and introvert and I prefer more one on one time than a mass crowd of people. and B. because we have a small town house for the time being. (Which I love and am so thankful for!)

So once I started having people be interested in Young Living it was just a natural evolution to start hosting Oil Parties! Last night I hosted my second one and it makes my hostess heart happy.  I vlogged along the way of our day.

Here are the links for the snacks:

Key Lime Shooters made with Young Living Lime Essential Oil

Against All Grains Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Search under deserts)

Lavender Lemonade

Essential Oil Infused Chocolates

I also served up guacamole with a drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil as well with gluten free chips.

Warning: Not all essential oils are planted, cultivated, harvested, distilled and bottled in the same manner. Make sure you read the bottles before ingesting oils because not all of them are safe to do so due to synthetic additives or other solvents included in to them. Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise is what I trust and the only essential oils I use, especially for ingesting. Always read labels and follow the instructions.


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