First Vlog!?!

Being a creative person I am always wanting more ways to express myself. I have previously only done videos for information for my Joilers but thought I’d try out using it to share a bit of our daily lives. So you can check that out here!

In the video I mention the Italian Pizza Frittata that we had for brunch and I’ll give a rough estimate of a recipe

Pizza Frittata 3

I used what was on hand which was

1/4 of each a red and green bell pepper, diced

5 slices of a medium red onion, diced

(Some other ideas would be spinach, kale, mushroom, tomatoes)

1/2 cup of pre cooked sausage (I used leftover Italian)

5 large eggs

3 tablespoons of pizza sauce

Some mozzarella cheese if desired

Salt, Pepper, Oregano to taste

2 tbsp Olive Oil

This is a pretty basic, “change it how you want it” to be recipe. The vegetables can be whatever you want, just make sure they are diced to about the same size for even cooking. Saute in an oven safe skillet greased in the Olive Oil.

Since they all were hearty vegetables I put them all in at the same time. If you were going to use more delicate veggies like spinach, add these towards the end of cooking when the other ones are nearly done. Cook for about 5 minutes or until tender over medium heat.

While that is cooking, whisk the 5 eggs in a medium bowl. Season with the salt, pepper, and oregano. Then whisk the pizza sauce in with the eggs. (They wont incorporate perfectly but it gets the job done.)

Add the precooked sausage in to the skillet to warm and stir for 2 minutes.

Spread the warm ingredients out in the pan evenly, then pour the eggs over all and let them firm up a bit.(Depending on your pan and stove you may want to turn down the heat a bit just in case.)

I sliced one mozzarella stick over the top but you could use shredded as well. Add it at this point.

While that happens warm up your broiler to normal. Once the eggs are mostly set on the bottom of the pan, carefully place the whole skillet in to the broiler to set the top of the eggs. Mine took about 4-5 minutes but watch carefully as each oven is different.

Pizza Frittata 2

Remove from the oven back to the stove top. Take a spatula around the edges to gently lift it out and check to make sure it is fully set. If it isn’t yet, just turn on the burner to finish it off. If it is done, slide it out of the pan on to a serving plate and enjoy!

Pizza Frittata

(Yep I just had to take a bite before I took the picture.)


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