DIY Patio Set Make Over

I’m a big fan of re purposing and reusing things. So much so that when Pinterest first came out it only intensified my hoarding capabilities. I mean I had a craft room full of things I was saving because I was sure I could use it, even toilet paper rolls! Thankfully over the years I have moved more towards a simple view of things, not totally a minimalist way of thinking but surly with a few nods towards it.

I like to visit Salvation Army and Goodwill, and any other second hand shops to see what they have. One day I went in looking for chairs and came across this old patio set for $10! When I walked in and had to carry these from the garage through our town house to the back garden (as Trinity calls it) my husband was like, is that what you meant by chairs? Hahaha Not exactly what I had gone looking for but we have been on the look out for a set to go with our new grill. (Just to brag, we got that for $20!)

May 068

I was already in the spray painting mood after I found this nightstand at a garage sale for $5 and turned it in to something beautiful.

May 012

May 015

So once I got home I went to my trusty Pinterest (I have a follow me button on my front page if you’d like to follow along) and found a few links for spray painting outdoor chairs. This link was the most helpful but yet some things were different for me.

From the Tiny Side Kick

I took Corey’s advice about using the Rust-Oleum brand and it is my favorite too. Better spray and more coverage.

May 074

I also looked on Pinterst for some inspiration as to what kind of color scheme I wanted to use. I wanted a fun place to have dreamy tea parties.

May 066

This was my first color scheme when I ran to Wal Mart for a new shower curtain plastic sheet but wasn’t my final selections. I just wanted to see what was actually available for selections because sometimes I can think up such pretty things but reality hasn’t always caught up with me. I got my final ones at Home Depot. Corey (on Tiny Side Kick) mentions in her blog in a follow up post that satin wore the best for her project after a year so I tried to get only satin finishes but did have to go with a gloss for the Ocean Mist and the Candy Pink as there was no option close in color in satin. I used Heirloom White for the table, as well as French Lilac and Aqua for a chair each.

My steps were:

First wash the table and chairs down well with a tiny bit of dish soap and hot water. Let them completely dry.

I then threw drop cloths down to cover my area I was working in. (After I cleaned up I realized I should have dropped more, I could see some over spray on the rocks that weren’t covered.)

Then following the instructions on the label of the spray paint I started to spray each item. I found having the chairs upside down was good for the first coat and then placing them right side up for the final coat worked best for me. It gave it a bit more coverage because I could see different angles going both ways than if I would have kept them titled down wards the whole time.

May 075

Each chair took two coats (except for the pink, took 3) on all sides which took maybe 3 or 4 rotations. I sanded them down in between because there were some runs and what not. After you sand down in between coats also wipe it down with a clean cloth. Be CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH IT with your bare hands.

I would hold a paper towel in one hand that I would use to hold it while wiping down with another towel in my other hand. Any place where my hand touches when I’m spray painting any item, if I forget to go back over it with sand paper it leaves a spot. It’s because your hands have oils on them (maybe mine more than most people. haha) and it causes the paint to not adhere right, it kind of runs away from it. This is something my professional painting hubby pointed out to me during my first spray paint projects.

May 076

The second coat was about all it could take for the chairs. If I ended up needing to do a third on the other colors besides the pink one, it got too chunky so take nice thin coats and build on one another. Let the first one be a good primer (meaning it doesn’t have to be perfectly covered, see above photo) and the second be for color. Move steadily side to side being careful not to stay in one place too long or too close.

The table took at least 3- 4 coats on the top, but in between coats I did the under lip and the legs then put it all together for a final spray.

May 096

I’m really happy with how it turned out even though there are a few tiny spots that could take a touch up, I didn’t want to buy another can of color each just for those though. So I embraced the shabby chic-ness of having a little bit of distressing going on and called it good.


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