The Newest and Prettiest Things

I have been waiting and waiting since my last video for our Joilers group for this to arrive in the mail!

Newest Premium Starter Kit

After I posted my Beyond The Premium Starter Kit  seen here—-> I wanted to go over the Premium Starter Kit as well. I kind of did it backwards but mostly did the first one because I had new distributors asking me what to get after the first kit so I did a video of my recommendations. Then probably a few days after posting the video I heard rumors that the kit was changing so I didn’t want to go through everything only to have it change shortly after. Young Living had an early bird release for the new kits which is how I have it now to show to you. It really is beautifully done and makes me all the more happy to share the oily love! Check it out here.

If you would love to get this kit for yourself and become a Joiler along with me check out this page right here for more information as to how to do that!


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