Lavender Bath Salts

Nothing ground breaking here but something that I absolutely love. One of my favorite things is a good soak in the tub. (My dream is a deep soaker tub, claw footed a bonus in our future home) I also love to make it a lavender bath for relaxing really sore/ tired muscles or a stressed out mind. (No need to dunk your head though!) So as the school year is ending for our first preschooler I thought “what do these teachers need?” I answered myself with “a really long relaxing soak.” So I got this fairly inexpensive gift ready for the last few days coming up.

All you need is:

  •  A glass jar (found these at the dollar store)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Lavender Essential Oil, preferably Young Living of course 😉

I poured the jars full of salt, and added a few drops of oil. I ended up finishing off a bottle, putting about 4 drops total in each. But I also continued to jam the bottle in to absorb as much oil out of it as possible.

This is something you can do just for yourself when you finish off a bottle of more relaxing types of essential oils.  (Peace and Calming, Joy, Peppermint for example) Just have a jar in your bathroom to start with a bit of oil and salt and then add empty bottles as you get them, to infuse every last bit possible into the salts.

How to use: run a hot bath, as hot as you can handle if you want to detox with it as well. Pour salts in to your hand till its a full handful, then drop in to the running tub. Swish and swirl till disolved and enjoy!

A pretty easy little gift for our very much deserving teachers. I had thought about being ambitious and trying to make my own lip balms for some gifts as well but didn’t get there yet. Maybe by the end of kindergarten.  😉


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