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You may have noticed by looking around that I love my Young Living Essential Oils. If you have been interested in starting on an oily journey and want to see for yourself how these oils can improve your life, feel free to comment with any questions! Some reasons I love Young Living:


  • Their Seed to Seal guarantee is unlike any other company. Holding the highest standards for their own farms (yep, they have their own!) and for the local farms in the natural habitats that they source from as well.   It goes beyond organic standards as they are wild crafted. (A few thing that I love is that they weed by hand and use essential oils for pest control) Check out all these videos to get a full experience of how much love and work goes in to these bottles!

  • Variety! Because every body is different! Just like how some shampoo works great for one person and not another (some of my hairstylist training showing up), with Young Living we have LOTS of options to get the best results.            85 Single oils and 71 Blends! ( Updated now 86 singles and 73 blends! Always pioneering!!)

  • Their Essential Rewards program is a great way to earn free oils with their monthly auto ship which is so easy to manage.

  • They have tons of content to learn from, tons of experience in the field and so many amazing people in the company. The company has been around for 20 years!
  • The business side of things is so generous! Instead of spending millions on advertising like most companies do, they let us, the distributors speak for them. They take that money and put it in to their commission plans because word of mouth testimonies are so powerful as are the wonderful smell of these oils!

OK so those are a few of my favorite reasons to be with Young Living. If you want to join and need a great team to either help you figure things out or a strong team to help you build a business, you’ve found the right place!

ImaJoilerlogo thickened 82814_2

I am a Joiler and you can be one too!

We have a great website with tons of content

2 different Facebook groups, one for general questions/ testimonies/ all things oily and then another dedicated for those of us who want to build a business for ourselves.

Personal contact with me and our upline who will support you and get you the tools you need to succeed!

And because I love to be crafty, I love to send a diffuser necklace that I make to each person on my team! It is awesome to have your favorite oil with you all day long and a great conversation starter to build your own team!

Beyond PSK 002

So, sound good? Where do you start?

1. Click this link

2. Select become a distributor, and then yes you were refereed by a distributor. Enter my member number for BOTH enroller and sponsor (This is so important so you get placed on my team and I can send you the necklace)

My number is 1786925

3. Fill out your personal information and address. Now it will ask you for your social security number but that is because you are signing up as a distributor and have the potential to make an income so they need this or a tax id number.

4. Make a password and pin for your account. Write these down because this is very important so you can make any future orders with your 24% discount.

5. Time to make a choice of which package you want to start with. If you want to start with the basic, basic plus or premium starter kit they all have different price points. Personally I don’t think the basic or basic plus do much for people unless they have already been using Young Living as a retail customer and are ready to make money sharing.

Most people that are interested in joining have been hearing about the Premium Starter Kit because it is the best value. There are a few options with in that category to choose from as well. Here they are. You’ll probably have to click the image to make it big enough to read the details about them.

 Or you could get the Thieves premium starter kit or the Ningxia Red premium starter kit.

6. If you’d like to start gaining points right away with the monthly auto ship called Essential Rewards and potentially get bonus items each month fill out that portion now. Or just skip over it and we can go over it in the future.

7. Agree to the terms and conditions of being a distributor.

8. Snatch any other things you want right away by adding them to your cart.

9. Then confirm your order! I’ve had a few people have a little hick up with the old system so if that happens, just contact me and I’ll contact them for you to figure it all out. Hopefully this wont be an issue as the new system takes over.

Now any fine print? You must order 50 pv (point value which is usually equal to dollar amount) a year to keep your distributor account active. Your first order counts towards this for your first year. If you never ever want to order again, you just go inactive. No yearly fees.

What if you don’t want to sell but just get the benefits of being a distributor? (24% off retail and more) You don’t have to sell, ever, if you don’t want to. If you do want to, I’m here to help you. 🙂

Truly, this company is amazing and I love having a business with them! Email me any questions or leave a comment!

If you aren’t sure yet check out this video I did showcasing the brand new premium starter kit!


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