New Chapter

Last week was jam packed full! Ben had classes Monday- Thursday, graduated from second year BSSM Thursday night also lead worship for the graduation service; my in loves (that’s what I call my in laws) arrived Wednesday and then two of my brother in loves arrived Friday. Not to mention that Mothers Day was Sunday and I had to finish a project for my mom and in love mom before then. All the while all 8 of us stayed in our two bedroom town home! I mean it was crazy but so good. And in the midst of all that I also had to meal plan for all of us but also keep my guidelines in place and not blow my whole month’s budget on one week.

That same Friday I also was looking forward to going to a regular doctor to get a second opinion on some things and get an allergy test. That was pretty pointless. My insurance wouldn’t cover an allergy test because I’m not reacting to anything to the point of anaphylactic shock. She just said keep avoiding what you have found to be an issue for you. This makes things really hard for me; I need to have a clear vision and guidelines that are livable. The first doctor ordered diet is so strict that it stresses me out and I want perfection. But stress is one of the main reasons that pushed my body over the edge after eating whatever I wanted for so many years, so I am still looking for what is best for me.

Back to food because this was something new for me, this is a point I want to remember. Over the course of the few days we had grilled Mexican chicken, hamburgers, chicken kabobs, and grilled shrimp (We got a grill if you couldn’t tell, makes life so much easier and another level of flavor!) Things that could be made “American diet” or could be eaten clean for me. My sweet mother in love would keep feeling bad if we went out to a café or something when they would get rolls or bread or milkshakes, but it really didn’t bother me. It was my choice to keep my body healthy and happy, not for instant gratification. Although I did give in to a few things like chocolate covered blueberries from Costco (which aren’t actually blueberries, its juice and has tons of sugar. Just want to point out that I am no where near perfect.)

Then hamburger night came and as they filled their plates with cheese burgers on a grilled bun I looked at it and felt bad for them! My plate had a super yummy salad, watermelon and my usual burger topped with grilled onions, guacamole and pickles on top of lettuce looked so colorful and fresh and their plates looked so plain. This was a moment I won’t soon forget. I realized how much I don’t miss breads! This is like a life long love affair that has now ended! And dairy is getting easier to leave but the occasional cheese is tempting but I don’t miss milk; which I grew up drinking a tall glass with dinner every night, sometimes needing a refill. Sugar, well that is a hard habit to kick. So many studies have been done about how sugar affects the brain and it is tough to get off of when it is everywhere and in everything. But I’m continuing switching over to better alternatives.

Then yesterday Ben told me he wants to cut dairy and grains to see how his body feels! Oh happy day! We get to do this together! And thankfully I’ve gotten to a point where I have some knowledge and ideas as to how to do that. Then when my parents move out in July they also want help to learn how to cut dairy and grain as well because of different issues they are experiencing. I’m so thankful I started on this journey when I did because it will now serve more than just me, it will help my family and my extended family! Onward and upward my friends!


Update: Thought I’d share what we ate for dinner tonight. Garlicky green beans, butter lettuce with Trader Joes avacdao salsa and chicken thighs. The salsa when I tried a bit reminded me of the dressing I’ve made before so I put it on, only to realize while eating it that it did in fact taste more like salsa than dressing woops. Anyway I try to do double vegetables at meals and for sure at dinner to get full, satisfied and nutrified. (Yeah I just made up that word) ❤️


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