Oh you cruel cruel world, why can’t you just be full of healthy food? Why can’t everything available be good for me? Why does eating healthy have to be so hard! Here is me 6 weeks in to this. Yep I have lost count of the days and gone to weeks for counting. Last week was a fail, from lack of planning because things are getting CARAZY as we prepare to go to Ireland. And me at 5 weeks was like hmmm let’s push the envelope, let’s see how my body is responding to things. Because the last thing I want is to have a bad reaction on the trip.

My doctor did say I could do pork in Ireland and even oatmeal because it’s cleaner there so all the more reason to be excited. (bacon?!) The thing I am more worried about is the travel part because I have hardly eaten out since doing this, or at least been very successful when I do.

Here are some things I learned while experimenting:
Grain makes me lose my brain still. I ate one skinny slice of pizza while running out the door and suffered the consequences for 3 days later. I for sure don’t want this problem while I am praying for hundreds of people each night and then feel like I never communicated what was meant to come out.

Chips are my nemeses. (They taste so good! side note, this is called whisper yelling) But besides the oil they are cooked in being a problem, say if they were just plain potato chips, I haven’t had any noticeable issues. But I should still stay away for the health of me inside.

It wasn’t as much fun as it seemed like it was going to be so back to planning! I’ll share what I did in week 3 and 4 meals here

Monday: Baked Cod- asparagus- pasta (I just added more veggies for me, no pasta. I try to get fish in to dinner time once a week)

Tuesday (always a quick meal or crock pot one) : Crock pot Mexican chicken– I turn this in to a big taco salad for me with lots of guac and little tacos or quesadillas for the girls

Wednesday: (Daddy usually eats something else before he is off for meetings so I try to do something more kid friendly this day of the week): Chicken zucchini poppers

They were ok, but the girls didn’t like them too much. Probably seeing green inside of it but I also needed to season them more.

Thursday: Crock pot BBQ and sweet potatoes

Friday: Cracklin Chicken so good but I will need a splatter guard, and plan for time to remove all the bones.

Saturday: leftovers busy weekend meant no time to cook
Sunday: out
Monday: leftovers again

Tuesday: spaghetti squash with meat sauce. Finally found a good way to cook the squash so it isn’t all watery.

Wednesday: was supposed to be crock pot pot pie but because of the port strike, Trader Joes was out of coconut milk.I did meatloaf muffins and the girls liked them! I don’t think I have ever made meatloaf in my life but I did it because I wanted them to eat some red meat and it worked.

Thursday: Burgers we usually do bun less around here. I put mine on a bed of lettuce, grill some onions, top with guac boom, done. Would be great with bacon if I was allowed!

Friday:Honestly it may have been an In and Out Run. Yep I think we went to see Big Hero 6 that night as a family date. I brought my faithful almonds and dried cherries. Maybe a square of dark chocolate.

Saturday: I made a load of enchiladas for the worship leaders. Cheese ones for the girls because Trinity doesn’t like anything spicy and the chicken was a bit spicy. For me I got all fancy and made some cauliflower tortillas! Topped the salsa chicken with grilled peppers and guac, but I also made a super yummy cilantro avocado dressing too


The dressing was a mix of the two of these. When I do it again I should probably write it down my way.

Some of my favorite snacks that week were cucumbers with this dairy free garlic chive spread.

Or a simple egg salad that I ate with root vegetable chips. I’m fine with chicken salad wrapped in lettuce because there are bits of onion and celery in there for crunch but the egg salad needed some crunch, so there goes in the chips.

Also kale chips are growing on my taste buds. Never thought I’d see the day.

I had a batch of chocolate chili that was a real life saver in the mornings when I was tired of eggs. I need to make some more. I would either chunk up some already cooked sweet potatoes in to the chili or add some fresh salsa in it for spice.

This week so far:
Sunday: A whole chicken ( I was almost out of broth in the freezer so after dinner I threw it in the stock pot using AAG recipe)

Monday: Went to friends for a grill out. Hamburgers and quinoa salad (and chips…)

Tuesday: Barbacoa, made it to spicy! Woops. Girls ate hotdogs instead of burning their insides. I even had to add sour cream to mine just so I could eat it as the guac didn’t help enough. Tasty though, will make again and figure out how many is 4 peppers when they are diced up in a can.

Wednesday: Trinity had a parent meeting so they feed us pizza and salad. I ate salad and some pizza toppings. 😉
So that’s it for now! As this is already a hella long post. I hope you found a new favorite dish to try and if nothing less it encourages me to keep planning and have something to look back on.


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