Day 13

13 days ago I had a doctor appointment to focus on my 1 ½ year old infection taking place in my body. 2 other doctors and processes didn’t help. My new doctor said we need to deal with this very strictly because it is in my throat and had spread to my ear. And then what would be next? Sinuses and or brain, time to buckle down. Sugar is out. Grains, anything baked is out. Dairy is out. Lots of vegetables and chicken or beef are pretty much what is left. Time to heal my gut, gall bladder and pancreas. Yep to much bread eaten all my life, that then turns in to sugar was hurting my pancreas.

Thankfully I had started my journey with baby steps earlier on. So when he handed me the diet that I would be on for 12 weeks I could somewhat deal with the realities. I had wanted to start a Whole 30 any way. The first week was very hard but I was determined to have a good check up a week later.
Got my supplements and at my 1 week post check up things were testing well and very responsive in my body. But now realizing how much work this is going to be on me, my family and how much I connect with people around food for 3 months is a bit crazy. Not to mention that this will overlap our trip to Ireland! Gah!

And the biggest issue for me is the mental part of food; which I had also somewhat learned about in preparing for a Whole 30. Although in my plans I still could mix things up with shrimp or pork (bacon!) but this diet is even stricter than the Whole 30. In the way that I can’t have any pork or seafood (besides cold water fish) and the kinds of fruit that are allowed are a handful and very limited daily. Just when I started liking bananas they get taken away from me.

Food has become boring to me. One of the reasons I have not been writing much on here. I’m so tired of my options and terribly miss cheese and sour cream on Mexican food. Yes avocados have leant themselves to add some creamy smoothness to my bland food life but I have yet to figure out how I can make some Chinese food. Probably not possible till after this healing is up and I start to introduce things slowly to see what I can handle.

I remember day 3, sitting there on SuperBowl Sunday, eating my lettuce, peppers, taco meat with a few garnishes and salsa. Watching my family eat quesadillas dipped in sour cream with a side of our favorite chips. Just the thought right now is driving me insane. This is how much power food has had over my emotions. The sugar dragon and dairy dragon are apparently cousins and they don’t leave quietly. My eyes are even more open now to what we feed our family and I need creativity and grace to figure out how to implement healthier eating for everyone in general.

Now 10 more days in to it I don’t crave sugar nearly as much. I find the want is in my mind being triggered from memories of how I remember it being. But it is in my habits that I find myself having to change as well. An example is I can have herbal or green tea with no caffeine but no sugar, no honey, no anything added to it. I often want to take a bit of honey to it! And have a little cookie on the side which would be proper right?!

Another aspect that I am not particularly thrilled about is I am losing weight. I know, weird to say. But as the girl that could never gain curves as a teenager now watching the scale go below my goal is less than impressive. Also meaning I need new pants constantly and don’t want to buy any because I don’t plan to stay diet tiny after this is over. This is just the healing phase; I want the sustainable phase body now.

I had been working out with Jillian Michaels, (You know, my personal trainer, maybe you’ve heard of her) for 16 days prior to this diet and supplement protocol to tone up and had lost about 6 inches in areas around my body. Muscle memory from high school was shining through and I didn’t know that was possible. For now I have stopped working out as it just means I would need to eat even more boring food to fuel it. Ha, hopefully month 2 looks better and I get some good recipes going. So it is more a mental fight to be ok with being smaller as long as I am getting healthy and cleaning up the mess I had put my body in. Thankfully I did it at 27 years old and not 53.

So this isn’t a very uplifting blog post, more just real for me to look back on some day and say that’s my story. I guess I just want you to know that your health is important and it starts with food. Your digestive system takes care of so much and our Western buffet (I won’t even call it diet) is harming us more than we know. Even if you seem fairly healthy, your body may need some help. Listen to your body and not cravings and marketing. Then say a little prayer for me, I’ve got a long way to go. 😉


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