My Body Is A Whole

When I first started to get healthy, that was my only plan. I wanted to be healthy and to steward my body well. As I’ve been learning to love myself more, it has just come naturally to want to take care of what God has given me.

Honestly the thought of weight lose didn’t cross my mind, I had come to terms of loving my body the way it was after carrying two babies. (And with my first, gaining half my body weight!) But it is fun to see that my body is recalibrating to what I naturally am meant to be at when I’m healthy. So far I have lost 16 pounds and my husband is even reaping the benefits of eating cleaner and having healthier food options. He is down about 20 pounds.

My body is a whole, everything relates to each other, works together and affects each other. So as I’ve been getting healthier minded, it is affecting more areas of that whole than I even realized it would. Lately I have been focusing on things happening on the inside that I have become aware of.

This may be TMI for some but I want to let you know some of the reasons I do what I am doing. For quite some time (like over a year and a half at least) I have had little pockets of pus in the back of my throat. Sounds totally gross but they are super small. I have been on antibiotics thinking my tonsils were infected to only have it not clear totally up. Went to see another doctor and the labs came back with no results and then they ordered an x ray. At the time I didn’t have insurance so I skipped it. Saw another doctor that is much more naturally minded for a little consultation and will be seeing him again soon. He did some testing with my beloved Young Living oils and nothing totally showed a home run to fix the issues but he figured out is connected to my lymph system. For now I am using a few specific oils (as well as my other every day oils) and then will see him more for other ways to deal with the issue. Melrose to support my respiratory system (since it is in my throat) and EndoFlex to support my hormonal (Endocrine) system. (Among doing other things like cutting way back on dairy products that cause mucus to be made in my body and other things)

Since my body is a whole and everything is working together for the same goal, mentioning my hormonal system is something else I’ve been working on. I knew that I had under gone changes since having our two daughters and the more I study it the more I realize how much it has affected. Because of that I started using a product called Prenolone Plus. Which utilizes natural pregnenolone which is the precursor to all other hormones your body makes. So if your body is needing more estrogen, it turns it in to that. Same with progesterone or testosterone for the right balance. The beautiful thing about our bodies is they know what they need, just like if you take a synthetic man made drug, your body delivers it to the area it needs. Same with oils and this product, it uses what it needs and gets rid of any waste. (But these are with out side affects)

Then this little post showed up in my oils group.

balanced glands

I looked them through and realized quickly that I was text book diagram picture number 2. That is where the Prenolone Plus comes in because Progessence Plus serum is often back ordered because people have so much success with it for many things.

body types

ovaries body type

I never had any severe symptoms that people usually wait for to take action, I just listened to my body, researched and got help from a doctor. I seemed perfectly healthy to myself. It wasn’t until I started to detox myself by eating cleaner food that I realized I wasn’t completely balanced. It has become easier for me to know what my body needs now than before.

For the past two weeks now I have been focusing on the largest organ of my body, my skin. Along with having a hormonal imbalance I would break out in my chin area every month a week before my cycle started, continued through the next week and would take a week to clear up. I would have good skin a week every month. That’s not fun. I have also had lots of clogged pores on my nose since I was a teenager, never ever getting clear skin. Although I could usually cover it up with make up, I am now at the point where I would just like to have beautiful skin without having to use make up. Especially because my budget doesn’t have room for bare Minerals make up and the make up I do have I can now smell what they are made of! (I even had to stop using Method dish soap because the fragrance smelled so artificial to me)

But on the journey to beautiful skin, you have to go through detox which isn’t pretty. Now I really do enjoy getting all dolled up because it’s fun, and as a hair stylist it is part of my world. But for now I am trying to heal my face. My overall skin isn’t to bad, but I am more aware that it absorbs every environmental things in the air around me and what I ingest.

Did you know that you’re body is reproducing between 30-80 billion cells daily? Do you know what they are being produced out of? You’ve heard the term you are what you eat? Well it is true.

Your body regenerates a full new body of skin in 27 days! (On average, different factors come in to play for each different person)

And I’ll just throw these ones in for fun.

Blood cells are new with in 90 days.

Muscles 1-2 years

Bone 2-4 years

Brain nerves 7 years

So what are some things I am doing to focus on my skin?

Hot detox baths. A handful of epsom salt with a few drops of Lavender oil on them, then dissolved in to a hot bath does the trick. Also could dry brush your skin to remove dead skin cells.

Body scrub. A mixture of sea salt, olive oil and lavender oil rubbed all over removes dead skin cells as well as any environmental hitch hikers.

Drinking lots of water. (duh) but also putting a lemon juice or a few drops of Young Living lemon oil which is more convenient for me. (Never ingest other brands of oils even if they say they are 100% pure.)  This does so much more than just helping clear your skin but helps break down petrochemicals that we don’t rid ourselves of unless we lose weight. And even then they are driven in to our organs, only citrus can break them up and cause them to become waste.

Drink green tea. Lots and lots of antioxidants! It is practically free.

Smoothies and juicing. Today I made one from this site


With strawberries and blueberries. I didn’t have any raspberries though, so I threw in a banana. Used some fresh almond milk. (Fresh because I only had a tiny bit of hazelnut milk left and had to make some to make this drinkable)


(Here is the fresh almond milk)

And for just my face I have been doing all sorts of hot steam towels, extractions, honey masks, avocado masks, and washing with gentle soaps, or baking soda, using some of my salt scrub, applying different oils for my skin and using a home made toner. I want good skin! Let me know if you any questions!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and information mentioned is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is purely informational.


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