Make Your Own Diaper Wipes

To go along with my post about cloth diapering I had mentioned that we do our own diaper wipes as well. This is something more recent for us but really didn’t need to be because it is that easy. If you do cloth diapers this just saves you more money, and if you do conventional diapers and want to do it this is also for you!

If you do cloth diapering you can buy some baby wash cloths for reusable ones. We had ones left from when the girls were babies but I still had to purchase a few more to make it to wash day. Each pack was about $3 and I got 2 or 3 when I ran out of conventional wipes, which was pretty much the same price as the Huggies wipes we only used previously. I only need one per change and if it is a poopy one I first start with a paper towel to get the big mess off. Just figure one wipe per diaper change a day and do the math along with your stash. Paper towels are also great for when you run out as well just not as durable and environmentally friendly.

You can use paper towels? Of course! That is where it comes in for people that do conventional diapers and still want the ease of throwing waste in to the garbage. With the recipe I use it has oil in it which helps it glide no matter if you use cloth or paper towels to wipe with.

watermarked 003

Here is what you will need:

Boiling purified water

1 glass jar, I use a pint

Some all natural bar soap (I use a bar of goat milk soap that was a gift) Also something important to note, do not use anti bacterial soap. If you do use it, you will be washing away your babies good bacteria and in the diaper area that isn’t something you want to do. A gentle soap will get them clean just fine.

1 green tea bag

1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil or other good oil (No canola, vegetable, etc. Coconut oil wont stay liquid unless it is fractionated). You don’t want to use to much oil as it can build up on your cloth diapers.

A few drops of your favorite baby safe Young Living essential oil.**

Get the water boiling on the stove top and while you do that gently carve a few pieces of the soap off of the bar and into the jar.

watermarked 004

Pour the boiling water into the jar and stir until the soap is dissolved.

watermarked 005

Once it is fully dissolved place the tea bag in and let it steep for a few minutes.

watermarked 006

After about 3-4 minutes remove the tea bag and pour in the oil.

watermarked 007

Now let it cool, I usually place it in the fridge for a little bit. You want it to be at room temperature when you add the essential oils as not to change the oils properties.


And ta da you have made your own wipes solution!

As for clean up, just toss your used diaper cloth wipes in to your diaper pail and wash with the rest of your diapers.

Here is the reason for each main ingredient.

Green tea is soothing. Oil helps the cloth to glide. Soap for cleansing purposes. And essential oils are an added bonus.

Storage: I have found it easiest for me to just keep the wipes in our diaper draw along with our jar of solution. I just dip one in and am ready to go. If you do not add the essential oil you can store wipes with the solution poured over it in a plastic wipes container. (The essential oil grade I use is so strong that it would deteriorate the plastic over time.) If you use paper towels make sure it is a strong brand, we use Viva. And the dip method may be the best solution for you. I do use a plastic little go wipes container when out and about. I place a few cloths in there and just pour a little bit of solution over them.

I shared this in a group I’m in on Facebook and someone asked what do you do when you have messy kids then? I still use the cloth for messy hands otherwise we usually just go to the bathroom to wash up if we are at a store or restaurant. Also you could pour this in to a little glass bottle that is meant for oil products. Experiment with it, have fun and  you are taking one step away from added chemicals in your daily life!

**The FDA wont let me tell you why or what the added bonuses are at this time. YL is working hard to get our freedom of speech back.


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