It Starts With Food


I used to be the girl who could eat anything and stay as skinny as a bean. People looked at me and would want my skinny body. Pretty sure they wanted some of it but would still have added some curves because that’s what I wished would happen. Even after years of working in a quick service restaurant, eating out all the time when it came to my wedding dress it was a size 4.  I wasn’t even in junior high when my meal of choice at McDonalds (cringe) was a #1, Big mac, fries and soda. Double cringe, that was real life. Even though a homemade dinner was served nightly around the family table, tall glasses of milk were poured each night and carbs were my favorite thing! Well maybe it was a tie between breads and cheese. I couldn’t imagine ever going on a diet because I would have to give those up for some time.

Now we are on a different path as I am armed with knowledge, research and listening to my own body. (The book in the picture is one of the books I am reading on the topic of food) This past week has been interesting. Getting over colds and finding out that Ruby had a bad ear infection. I was fine with eating food but was on a Target run and next to the produce section they had Live Kombucha Soda sitting there. I had heard about it from a few Instagramers I follow, and since we mostly cut out soda from our lives I thought that might be good with our dinner that night; also thought that the kombucha may help give me a health boost.

Side trail: The people we lived with last year would brew this stuff on the kitchen counter. The way she explained it to me totally freaked me out and it has now taken over a year for me to even think about trying it. And I tried it commercially prepared at that, no need to be seeing the mother. (Google it if you don’t know about it yet.)

I had grass fed burgers planned for the night in case you were wondering, so a soda seemed like a good idea. I was planning on eating mine on lettuce instead of a bun and no cheese. (Who am I becoming??!) But instead of thinking about what I wasn’t putting on it, I focused on what would be good on it. I did onions, (I usually sauté them but didn’t think about it until it was too late this time around) fresh guacamole and a garlic sauce. For a quick veggie side dish I cut up some potatoes stirred them around in a bowl with EVOO and spices and baked them quick. Half way through eating my stomach didn’t feel so good but I thought it was because I hadn’t eaten very much that day. Finished my dinner and drank the rest of the kombucha. Still felt bad until bedtime that night but thankfully applied a drop of Young Living essential oil Di-Gize on before bed, which helps aid the digestive system, but still had somewhat of a sour stomach the next day making my appetite low. Come to find out if you start on kombucha start with only a little bit at first and work up to more. They don’t put that on the label for us novice drinkers!

Anyway then comes yesterday, Friday, we had been invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a restaurant. By this time I was ready for some good food and without having to do the work. I went with thinking I need to watch what I order when I get there, but really had no idea what I was looking for only knew some key things to try to avoid. Since I am mostly trying to eat Paleo I knew to stay away from rice and beans but I am not yet strong enough to look over my favorites on a menu. Even though it is a menu, there are many options, I usually focus in on my favorites and can’t look away. It was a Mexican place so chips and salsa were served as soon as drinks arrived. One thing I now see wasn’t a good choice in looking back was this house chipotle ranch dip. I kept eating it on my chips from habit; I have always been a religious ranch person, still trying to kick that habit. I ordered a chile relleno and a flautus. Sadly (but maybe better for me) they were out of chile relleno. Which is a pablano chile stuffed with cheese, dipped in an egg batter and fried, served over rice and sauce over top. Sounds heavenly if you aren’t trying to take care of yourself, but I was forced to make another choice. I order a shrimp soft shell taco in it’s place. I ate and enjoyed being out, well besides Ruby bouncing everywhere because she finally was feeling herself again after being on medicine for a day. It is a rare occurrence for us to eat out but by the end of the outing my stomach didn’t feel good. When I got home my stomach was super bloated. I wish I would have taken a picture because instead of looking like my normal “I have housed two growing beings inside of me” look, I looked 4 months pregnant! I didn’t feel super horrible but my body was for sure trying to tell me something.

Today I have tried to eat clean but my kitchen being low on good choices as I haven’t gotten to the store yet, made that hard. The few things I did choose throughout the day were not enough to keep me full and happy and by the end of the afternoon I was one crabby mama, aka hangry. I wanted everything cheesy! Even a smoothie sounds like a good alternative for that but all I have left are apples as far as fruit in the house. I am now taking this energy after eating a turkey, bacon lettuce wrapped sandwich and focusing on my meal planning more. Last night I planned dinners but I am now realizing that all the others from breakfast to evening, including easy snacks just in case, need to be well planned as well.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I need choices that are satisfying and substitutions that fit in to what I am trying to do, which is mostly a paleo diet. (I am secretly hoping my body can tolerate raw dairy, please oh please!) I was going to do the Whole 30 challenge last month, but the budget just wasn’t there. I have been trying to just make gradual changes along the same ideas of that challenge. As it is now closer to the holidays I didn’t want to set myself up for a challenge on top of a challenge. I am someone who can do moderation rather than all or nothing like Ben. If the budget does fit eventually to do the Whole 30, great, otherwise we are just going to keep going slow and steady in to this. Often times slow is fast and fast is slow. Just think about any “diet” you have done in the past, may have seen fast results but was it sustainable? Often times it is not unless you deal with ALL the factors that make up a person. The process for most things worth getting isn’t usually fast, but I have my why that I am doing this and that keeps me going.

If you are interested in knowing more about Di-Gize and it’s use this is what my reference book says about it, it is a great oil to have on hand all the time but especially when the flu bug and other things are going around in fall/ winter. “This blend may be useful for improving digestive function. The oils in this blend have been found to be beneficial in digesting toxic material and alleviating indigestion, stomach cramps, upset stomach, belching, bloating and heartburn. Placing a little of this blend behind the ears may help alleviate morning sickness. It has been found to rid animals and people of parasites when applied to their feet. It has also been reported that this blend helps to alleviate discomfort from parasites by massage and compress application across the stomach.”

If you want to learn more about the Whole 30 check out the website here.


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