Cloth Diapers

In this video I share about what cloth diapers are like for us as a family.

A few things I forgot to mention and people question is how much room do these take up? It seems like a lot of space at first, but once you have a designated space for them it isn’t an issue.


In another aspect of space people ask if they are going to need a bigger diaper bag for all the gear. Here I took a picture of two diapers, a wet bag and a wipes case. It is a bit more plush than paper diapers but not much. If we are making a big trip on air plane or road trip, I will use paper diapers for a little bit. But for over all running around it isn’t a problem. Still plenty of room for an extra change of clothing and even bottles if we had one in that stage still.

I highly recommend a wet bag or two. It keeps the dirty diapers separate from anything else in your bag. Some people just use lots and lots of plastic grocery bags but I prefer this option. It just gets tossed in the diaper pail and gets washed with the diapers as well.


 These are the products that I use with cloth diapering. Rockin Green is the laundry detergent of our choice, but also the one that works the best for our diapers. (Buy on Amazon) Baking soda is great for sprinkling in to the diaper pail if it is a bit stinky before laundry day. Vinegar I often pour in to the washing machine on the final rinse to fight any build up of soap. Aquaphor is the skin protectant of choice when cloth diapering with our brand. Any of those super heavy creams can cause build up on them and make them not absorbent. The mason jar is my home made diaper wipe solution and I’ll cover that in another post soon. I figure if I’m already washing everything, might as well do our own wipes as well. They go in with the diapers for washing.


Here is a link if you want to check out the brand of cloth diapers we use specifically.


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